Accountants! Fed up with chasing clients for signatures?

Accountants! Fed up with chasing clients for signatures?

Typically documents pass between accountants and their clients either by post or by email. Accountants tell us there are issues with both:  be it postal charges and delays, or inadvertently emailing the wrong document. Then there is the time spent by accountancy admin staff sending, chasing, re-sending and filing. And the further burden of audit control.

These hassles can stop, freeing up you and your clients.

How is this achieved?

By posting documents to a secure cloud-based portal your client automatically gets an email telling them there is a document ready for them to review and approve. With their secure logon only they will see the document you have published for them – and you will know when they’ve seen it.

A unique identifier enables them to digitally sign the documents in the portal. The signed document is automatically filed in the client’s folder in your document management system – saving you and them time and postage.

The process is totally automated saving you time and money, and gives your client a state of the art experience. Documents are securely stored and completely traceable giving you audit compliance. The portal is aligned with your document management system giving you access from anywhere, anytime.

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