Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Document Scanning?

Document scanning is the process of using high-speed document scanners and document imaging software to convert a paper format image to a electronic image.  The images can then be indexed with search field using key words or phrases giving users the ability to search through millions of scanned images in a matter of minutes.

Do You Offer Document Management Software?

BMI Services offer Document Management Software solutions, training and support.  Please see our ‘Document Management Software’ section for more information.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Storing My Documents In Electronic Format?

  • Centralised document storage
  • Instant access to your documents for approved users.
  • Secure control of your documents.
  • Improved business continuity.
  • No more lost, mislaid or misfiled documents.
  • Electronic document management frees your staff from bulk paper filing, freeing up their time to deal with more pressing tasks.
  • Integrating the filing electronic records enables you to achieve one consistent and logical filing structure for ALL of your documents.
  • Inter-departmental queries are resolved more effectively by reducing the time and physical effort required to communicate and move between departments.
  • When talking to customers, questions can be answered instantly, as information such as specifications, price lists & delivery notes are available from the screen without leaving one’s desk.
  • The need to print or copy documents reduces dramatically, saving time and money.

Is My Company Too Small For This Service?

We don’t just do work for large organisations, in fact even if you just have a small number of boxes that need to be scanned, maybe in order for you to create space, we can offer you a solution.  We offer a free demonstration and estimate, which of course is non-committal. Once you see the benefits, you will have a better understanding of why many organisations switch to electronic document management via BMI Services.

Why Should I Outsource My Documents?

Outsourcing your documents for scanning is a fast, reliable and hassle free way of digitising your records.  It will save your business in terms of capital investment and maintenance, staffing and ongoing labour costs.  BMI Services have highly experienced staff that will ensure your documents are handled in the strictest of confidence and are converted to electronic format in the most accurate way possible.

I Don’t Have The Time To Sort Through My Documents?

You need not do anything!  We will do everything from re-boxing the documents, collection and delivery, to de-pinning and even taking the creases out of the documents before scanning.

How Can I Be Sure That My Data Is In Good Hands?

We understand the sensitivity and confidentiality of your data but let us assure you, your data will be in very safe hands here at BMI Services.  We deal with sensitive data on a regular basis and all of our staff have gone through a positive vetting procedure as well as signing a Non Disclosure Agreement which covers them for life.

How Much Will It Cost To Have My Documents Digitised?

A consultant will visit you to go through your requirements, prices and legal admissibility for the documentation audits we carry out. This will be of no cost to you and you are under no obligation. Any further queries or concerns you may have can also be answered at this time.  If we were to give you a quotation over the phone, it may not be accurate. In fact, we could end up giving you a price that is too high. If we can see the documents in question, you could actually end up paying less than first thought, because all documents differ. Cost depends on a variety of things including quality, size and amount.  In conclusion, if we attempt to give you a ballpark figure over the phone, it could be miles out to what it could actually cost.

How Do I Know How Many Pages I Have?

Typically, a full lever arch file will contain 250-300 pages.  A standard archive box will hold approximately 2500-2750 pages.  A 4-drawer filing cabinet holds approximately 12,000 pages.

How Many Images Will Fit On A CD or DVD?

Typically, 20-30 standard archive boxes of A4 documents can fit on to one CD-ROM.  However, this will vary depending on how much information is on each page.

How Long Will A CD Last?

The shelf-life of a CD is up to 100 years providing it is stored correctly.

What Type Of Information Can You Scan?

BMI Services can digitise standard paper documents, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, slides, negative, photographs, books and large format drawings.

Can You Scan Any Size Or Quality Of Document?

BMI Services have the latest scanning technology meaning that we can scan any document from the size of a postage stamp to A0 in size.  Your documents can be scanned in black and white, greyscale or full colour regardless of their quality or age.

Some Of My Documents Are Highly Sensitive And Cannot Leave Our Site?

A BMI Services representative will discuss your requirements with you.  If your documents cannot leave your site, we can set up software and equipment and provide a fully trained and vetted member of staff to scan your documents for you at the location of choice.

How Long Will It Take To Scan My Documents?

The length of time needed for the conversion of your documents can vary from one day to several months depending on the size and scope of the project.  Your dedicated Account Manager will be able to review your needs and provide you with an estimated turn-around time prior to the commencement of the project.  We understand that while your documents are being digitised at BMI Services you may require some of your files.  This is not a problem.  We can scan your file and email it to you within the hour.

Will I Need To Keep The Original Documents?

Electronic scanned images are acceptable by HM Revenue & Customs and Courts of Law, providing that it can be proved that all documents have been scanned, managed and stored with ‘due care and diligence’.  As long as you have the correct software system to scan your documents yourself or have a professional and reputable company digitise your documents for you, legal admissibility allows the originals to be destroyed. The British Standard Guidelines for Legal Admissibility of data stored electronically sets out the requirements and procedures for compliance with the Act, which BMI Services follow.

Can The Quality Of My Scanned Images Be Guaranteed?

BMI Services has a quality assurance department which checks the quality content and data that has been scanned and indexed.  Our QA department will amend any keying errors and reconciles the indexing fields before the final image is approved for completion.

Will My Documents Be Returned To Me Or Will You Destroy Them?

The choice is yours.  You can either have your documents returned to you in their original format, or we can confidentially destroy them for you.  Additional information about secure shredding can be found under our ‘Document Scanning’ section.

How Long Does A Typical Return On Investment Take?

It depends on your business, but typically between 6-12 months.