Newspaper Microfilming

Looking to Microfilm Your Original Newspapers?

Pack of newspapers
At BMI Services, we specialise in preserving your publication’s place in history in an easily accessible, archived, durable and cost-efficient microfilm format.
We are the UK leader in microfilming services for over 20 years, treating each publication with the exact care it deserves, with pricing to fit even the smallest budget.



What Are The Benefits?

  • It has a potential life of 500 years, way beyond any other comparable format.
  • Microfilm is robust, reliable, cost-effective and provides a solid foundation for scanning to other media.
  • Microfilm does not require sophisticated equipment for reading and access.
  • We are very confident that archival microfilm has a continued place as the mainstay of preservation media in the future.

Your newspaper in microform gives reader and researchers the benefits of complete full-page reproductions of the original documents, conveying information in the context that helps to tell the complete story.  Microfilming your newspapers guarantees a life of at least 500 years under proper storage conditions.

By choosing microfilm as a preservation solution, our customers ensure their newspapers will be preserved for the long term. Current microform technology will remain constant into the future, enabling publishers to easily transfer images from microfilm to other media at a later date. As a preservation medium, microfilm remains inexpensive and durable, and the benchmarks for creating, processing, storing and reading microfilm are well-established.

How Does It Work?

We will arrange a courier service to collect your papers.  Our team of experienced microfilm technicians will expertly trim them, rearrange sections in their proper order, dust, clean and iron them to ensure the best image possible.  We will film your title to BS ISO 4087:1991 standard, and continuously inspect your film for high quality throughout the process.  We are able to store your master negatives meaning that in the unfortunate event of a fire, flood, or other natural disaster, we can quickly reproduce your back file.  We are also able to provide a reference copy of the film for use in various locations.